Monday, March 18, 2013

Photoshop Taketh, Photoshop Giveth Back

I was new to digital photography and Photoshop when I took this picture on a misty morning.  I loved it!  Couldn't wait to get home and play with it in Photoshop.  Knowing computers, I backed it up and then backed it up again.

Over the next several months I continued playing with it until I finally decided to make a print.  It was horrible!  Then I discovered I had accidentally "dumbed" it down to a very small file size, resulting in severe posterization.  No problem, I had backups.  Wrong.  I had overwritten my backups with the new, downsized file.

I now know what I did wrong; original in JPEG rather than RAW, not saving original file in a safe place, and not understanding Photoshop.  Over the years I have mourned the loss of this image but have kept it with the hope that someday I would figure out a way to salvage it.  

Voila!  The other day I came across the image and thought of the technique that radically alters colors.  The result lacks the mystique of the original but certainly is an interesting image.  Posterization is reduced and its effects minimized by color and texture.  Photoshop has truly given back what it took away years ago.

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