Sunday, October 21, 2012

The English Cotswolds

Kelmscott Cottage
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I recently returned from a two week walking trip in the Cotswolds and Cornwall regions of southwest England.  The area abounds with photo ops.  All of the images in this post are from the Cotswolds.  Several of the photos, including the one above, were taken with my infrared camera on those rare days we had sunshine.

Road House
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 The first three photos were taken in Kelmscott, a small and very picturesque village.

 This silversmith from Chipping Campden uses hand craftsmanship to turn out fine pieces.

I could have spent hours in the churchyard cemetery in Chipping Campden.

We had lunch in Bibury, where I took this photo.

River Walk
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England has wonderful old trees.  I took this shot on our walk to Oxford.

Our final stop in the Cotswolds was in Wells, the smallest city in England with a cathedral.  This is a famous double staircase in that cathedral.